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Becoming the Student Marketing Attorney

I’m completely amazed by the world of legal proceedings. In my many hours of study I still cannot get enough on how to keep myself, my loved ones, and my audience safe through legal proceedings. As I was watching Jim Rohn’s seminar, “How to Have Your Best Year Ever” he mentioned one important key point that went home with me.

Study a little bit of law.

That was it.

The game changer.

Unfortunately, in his early career Jim Rohn made the beautiful mistake of lending a company some money because:

A) They needed that help

B) He knew they would pay the loan back

Before he knew it, the loan was paid in full, and he was the hero. That is until the company went In trouble again a few years after, and Lo and beheld Mr. Rohn was never contacted. He was hoping his phone wouldn’t ring, and it didn’t. He thought he was in the clear until the bank called him.

“Mr. Rohn, you owe us money.”

Welp, little did he know that in that contract he signed there was a clause that said continuing guarantee. That little phrase meant he was bonded for life, let’s say. His fortune was almost as quickly wiped out because of that guarantee.

Now, some of the finer aspects of the law that will be studying will deal in personal injury, employment, investments, and other various civil procedures. The key here is that there is a wealth of knowledge out there thanks to sites like FindLaw, Justia, Wikipedia, etc.

Heck, even YouTube offers insights that are pristine. Check this one out:

I encourage anyone with the spare time to INVEST into learning more about how to protect themselves so they can make informed decisions versus impulse based decisions.

In any case, now you know the purpose of my writings, and in here I will do my best to dumb down the information to which anyone can properly understand it.

So what makes me different from the other thousands of sites that talk about the law?

The truth is I’m a student marketer.

However, I don’t want to market to just anyone, and I don’t want just any client. My focus is specifically in helping other attorneys reach maximum results. I find that the deeper I dig into a

market the more I understand my core audience, their needs, desires, and goals and because of it I can deliver results that no one else can.

I can pinpoint pressure points that most general based marketers miss, and because of it I set myself apart. One valuable lesson that I learned from my mentor is to be the big fish in a small pond.

So, let’s say for example that I’m a marketer exclusively for attorneys that do will, estate planning and the like. Well, I can specifically focus on what my audience does on a daily basis, their needs, struggles, pain points, etc. And focus on FIXING their problems by giving them a solution that they want.

With this understanding, I can deliver results that are specific to different phases of the buying cycle for a client. If I can understand, for example, the client cycle for someone that has been injured, I can catch people upstream of that buying cycle.

It could be that people are looking for a doctor because of their injury, or people are looking up insurance claims in their local areas. The key here is to understand where these people are at, go where no one is going and find a rich pond withers little competition.

That’s what sets us apart.

That’s how we go out and dominate.

With that being said you’ll get two key things from this site:

A) Advanced in-depth legal knowledge

B) Marketing strategies based on that legal knowledge

This is for Marketers to squeeze ideas out of my independent research.

THIS IS BY NO MEANS: Legal advice of any sort. Nor will I make promises or guarantees that any my information will make you money. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

I hope you enjoy your stay in here, and that you gain the valuable information that you desire by continuing to come back and visit.

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