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The New Marketing Era for Surgeons July 21, 2015

the future of surgical marketingIt’s simple.

We adapt, we change, we become like water.

Times have changed, and they will continue to do so so long as humanity craves growth. Deep inside of us lies a seed of growth, and the conditions are at their prime for exponential increase.

It’s with this that in today’s day and age it is simple to get in front of our target audience. More simple than it has been for many, many years.

Twenty years ago we couldn’t have dreamt of bring up analytical data in mere minutes with such precise measurements that will boggle the human mind – we take it for granted nowadays and it really is such a shame.

So, why am I writing about this after many months of non-writing?

It’s simple.

I came accross an epiphany as I came across the next big wave of marketing – it’s an international based model fixed on a state-wide scale. I’m talking about Meet Bariatric Surgeons today as my model to follow:

At first glance you might consider saying, wow another site geared towards a specific group of people – and that’s precisely what facinates me.

It’s the fact that we can pinpoint our audience with such precise precision. As I read MBS I couldn’t help but to notice they’ve done their homework, a lesson you would be wise in taking.

You see MBS has focused on a core group of people that have struggled to lose weight by natural means. Now, these people are looking for the right surgeons to help them in this quest of genetics.

It was startling to know that many people that are morbidly obese have a higher rate of death than people who have gotten bariatric surgery, and that drives a knife deep into my heart.

What an important movement to be a part of, people that help people get to where they need to get faster.

As I continued to scope out MBS’ site I noticed that they were targeting three main locations in the Texas area. Dallas, Austin, and Houston where at the top of their list and it’s to no surprise. More people, means more help.

Besides, most people tend to gravitate to larger cities in order to find medical professionals that can assist them. There are just better facilities, and more well trained professionals.

As a student of the marketing game, and a reporter it is my job to detail what I believe to be the next movement for marketing, outreach, and service.

If you as a medical professional do not have a way to reach your patients I suggest you start jumping on the wagon today!

Take a look at Meet Bariatric Surgeons’ architecture:

They are meeting a need in the market place, and as someone that is a student of the game I just happen to know that this is ust one small stepping stone towards the larger picture. You see, it’s entirely possible to be the shark in a smaller pond.

The way this works is MBS’s will be playing on a smaller playing field, but quickly will re-invest their revenue into scaling into larger projects.

You will soon see them scale to more cities throughout Texas, and then branch out to areas that have higher obesity rates. Louisiana, Kentucky, Virginia, California, New York and many other states will soon be populated by MBS, and the will notice a sharp outbreak nationally.

However, one thing that isn’t noted here is that it’s their vision that drives them. The leaders at MBS have a sincere desire to actually reach thousands and thousands of people in a way that has never been seen before.

It is the desire of MBS to truly not just help people that need bariatric surgery, but also create a network, a giant mind that reaches out to every medical problem that there is.

I made a true attempt to dig into MBS and the leaders, and without a doubt they are a force to reckon with. They may not be the Amazon of today, but they can quickly become Alibaba of the medical world – I called it, let’s see what happens.

Michael Schayzee signing out

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